Tarot Deck mit 78 Karten je zu einer Episode der Original Star Trek TV Serie in diversen Editionen mit und ohne Tarot-Guide. Was will man mehr?


Idee und Detailgrad sind jetzt schon unerreicht! ?

The ancient Tarot deck has 78 cards, each rich with layers of historical meaning. Star Trek aired 78 original episodes in its initial run. This first-of-its-kind deck bridges the centuries to match every classic Star Trek episode one-to-one with its corresponding Tarot card, and presents the originally-unaired Star Trek pilot film on two bonus cards. It is an official Star Trek product, licensed by CBS.

Every STAR TREK TAROT card features:
• An iconic scene illustrated from its Star Trek episode
• Its traditional Tarot name and initial interpretation keywords
• Suit symbols with canonical Star Trek ship silhouettes
• Symbols for additional esoteric Tarot associations
• Its Star Trek episode title, order, stardate and airdate
• Borderless full Tarot sized card (2.75″ x 4.75″, 70mm x 121mm)
• Professionally printed casino-quality cards

(via jwz)


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