AI generated AirBnB

This AirBNB Does Not Exist sind von einem Neural Network ‚erdachte‘ AirBnB Unterkünfte samt Beschreibung, von denen man teilweise nicht erraten würde, dass diese in echt nicht existieren.


Jedes Mal wenn man die Website aktualisiert gibt’s ne neue imaginäre Unterkunft. Wenigstens ein authentischer Fake und keine Anzeige die dann in echt nicht os aussieht wie auf den Bildern ?

All of the dynamic content on each listing is generated via a series of different machine-learned AI models.

The images are produced from StyleGAN. (StyleGAN is “A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks”.) These images were produced by the pre-trained models produced by NVidia – the profile pictures from their ffhq dataset, and the rooms from their bedrooms dataset. (The StyleGAN code and models are distributed under the “CC-By-NC 4.0” license.)

The text is produced from a language model trained on AirBNB listings. The data was downloaded from OpenDataSoft’s AirBNB Listings. The language models were produced using a model based heavily on Tensorflow’s “Predict Shakespeare with Cloud TPUs” example; the only modification was to adjust the sequence size somewhat depending on the text. For titles, only listings with 3 or more bedrooms were included; for descriptions, all listings were included.

(via nerdcore)


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