‚FILTERFACE – Double Tap To Like‘ ist ein sehr künstlerischer und etwas morbider Beitrag von Will Cotton und Carly Randall zum Thema ‚Snapchat-Dysmorphia‚ 


Unterlegt ist das Ganze mit Klängen von Matthew Barnes aka ‚Forst Swords‘. Bedrückend, artsy und wirklich eine eindrucksvolle Performance…

A satirical piece that looks at the unhealthy importance young people place on social media and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies.

Doctors have labelled this new mental health disorder ‚Snapchat Dysmorphia‘ – a modern-day sickness that is causing young people to lose touch with reality as they seek out a manufactured, false and synthetic ideology.

Shot in an ex-mental health institute in North London, FILTERFACE uses dance to explore self-obsession and addiction to the perfect projected appearance.

(via robotmafia)


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