HOW TO SEE Martial Arts Films

La Frances Hui er klärt den Kung Fu Film für das New Yorker MoMa. Falls Euch der Name ‘Lau Kar-leung’ noch kein Begriff war, spätestens jetzt. Sehr schön gemacht:

HOW TO SEE Martial Arts Films


What makes a true kung fu film? Many directors and actors have been associated with the kung fu genre, Hong Kong cinema’s most unique creation, but no one compares to Lau Kar-leung (1937–2013) as a purist of the genre and the kung fu form. Associate curator La Frances Hui explores the history of the kung fu films, the actors and filmmakers associated with the genre like Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, and Jackie Chan, and why Lau Kar-leung has been hailed as the grandmaster of kung fu films.

HOW TO SEE | The Grandmaster of Kung Fu Films: Lau Kar-leung


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