Indiana Jones and the Curse of Hellraiser

Dr. Indiana Jones is back! This time, he has been commissioned by a strange agency to find an ancient puzzle box said to contain the mysterious power of Hellraiser.


Sorry alle Deep-Faker! Das Movie-Mashup des Jahres geht an einen retro Fancutter… ?

When Indy finds the box and unlocks its evil secret, he accidentally unleashes Pinhead and the Cenobites among earth.

The Cenobites kill millions, including all of Indiana Jones‘ family and friends back home in Princeton, New Jersey. Pinhead raises all of the damned souls of people Indy has killed over the years — and sends them to torment him! Indiana Jones nearly goes insane. Can he keep it together and destroy the Cenobites? Or will Hell’s wrath overtake the world?

Can Indy undo the destruction and chaos from hell? Will humanity prevail?! Watch the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Curse of Hellraiser to find out!

Indiana Jones and the Curse of Hellraiser | Movie Trailer


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