Nippon Acid Folk 1970​-​1980

Tolle Werkschau der japanischen (acid) Folk Szene Japans auf der es mit Sicherheit viel zu entdecken gibt. Vinyl ist geischert :)


Kaufgrund ist alleine schon das großartige ‚Kate Wo Atsumente‘ von Happy End. Ihr wisst schon aus Lost in Translation.

The birth of Japan’s nascent acid folk scene was rooted in the messy and invigorating political climate of the late 1960s. It is a story of Dadaists, communists, pharmacists and cult leaders, led by a young generation of upstart students, artists and dreamers hellbent on turning their world upside down.

Born on the campuses of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, and centred around newly formed independent label and left-wing stronghold URC, this uniquely Japanese form of folk expression provided an outlet for musicians who were tired of aping Western sounds and instead found ways to sing in Japanese and integrate traditional forms in new ways.



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