Cannon Films Promo Reel ’86

Ein wenig cheesiger Promo Reel der 80’s (Trash-) Film Schmiede Cannon. An outstanding line-up for 1986 and beyond.


Seht unten welche Filme davon real geworden sind und welche nicht. Fest steht: blöde Superhelden Filme gab es auch damals schon.

Actually, 20 of these 29 films (or about two-thirds) actually did get made…eventually:

Over the Top – yes, in 1987. Earned $16.1 million.
La Brava – no. Dustin Hoffman dropped out of the project.
Superman 4 – yes, in 1987. It was flop, earning only $15.7M.
(untitled John Travolta project) – no. Travolta wouldn’t make another movie until “The Experts” in 1989.
Spider-Man – no. Cancelled.
Kick and Kick Back – yes, in 1992 as “Sidekicks”.
52 Pick Up – yes, in 1986. OK reviews, earned $5.2 million.
(untitled Roman Polanski project) – Yes! “Pirates” came out in 1986 and immediately bombed, earning only $1.6M on a $40M budget.
Masters of the Universe – yes, in 1987. Earned $17.3M…the most of any movie on this list!
Housekeeping – yes, in 1987. Made only $1.1M.
Street Smart – yes, in 1987. Got good reviews (especially for Morgan Freeman, in his breakout role) but made only $1.1M.
Duet for One – yes, in 1986. Based on a British play, got good reviews, earned $8,736 (not a typo).
Rumplestiltskin – yes, in 1987. Billy Barty’s only lead role in a motion picture.
Number One With a Bullet – yes, in 1987. Earned $410,952.
Zorba, the Musical – No. A hit on Broadway in 1968 and revived in 1983, but the film never happened.
The White Slave – No. Cancelled.
Journey to the Center of the Earth – yes, in 1989. Albert Pyun finished it. Awful.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – yes, in 1986. Earned $8M, now a cult classic.
American Ninja 2 – yes, in 1987. Subtitled “The Confrontation”, earned $4M.
Captain America – No. Cancelled.
Tough Guys Don’t Dance – yes, in 1987. Norman Mailer directed, based on his book. Earned $343,000 on a $5-10M budget.
North South – yes, in 1988 as “Powaqqatsi”. Earned only $589, 244.
King Lear – yes, in 1987. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard (!) and based not all on Shakespeare’s play. Earned $61,821.
Citizen Joe – no, sadly. Cannon promised a sequel to the original “Joe” as early as 1980 (“Joe II”), but it was never made.
Too Much – yes, in 1987. Filmed in Japan with a mostly Japanese cast, about a little girl and her robot. Box office unknown.
Give a Girl a Break – no. Intended as the film debut of the Dolly Dots, a Dutch all-female rock band, who had many hits in Europe but none in the US.
Sinbad of the Seven Seas – yes, in 1989. Filmed in Italy, box office negligible.
It Ate Cleveland – no. Intended as a spoof; originally titled “Godzilla vs. Cleveland”.
River of Death – yes, in 1989. The director was later fined for shooting in South Africa.
Ben, Bonzo and Big Bad Joe – yes, in 1988 as “Goin’ Bananas”.

Cannon Films Promo Reel '86 - Half of These Were Never Made!


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