Nothing extracts the 80s more than this Ad for Chocolate Bars

Was theatralische Werbespots angeht, hatten wir den Höhepunkt bereits im Jahr 1986 erreicht. Es ist einfach unmöglich das hier noch zu toppen.


Nein, das braucht auch keiner versuchen ;)

A number of Maxfield Parrish paintings are brought to life, spliced with scenes of candy bar consumption. The first painting is „Ecstasy“, a woman standing on a mountain, as the wind unravels her flowing dress. Next, a man bites into an Alpine White and looks toward the heavens. It’s difficult to tell if he’s overwhelmed with emotion or completely unfazed. The scene that follows depicts a figure skater spinning in a manner that corresponds with the flow of white chocolate. Soon, another woman, covered in snow, adjusts the tightness of her hoodie. A second Parrish work, „Dinky Bird“, is then mimicked as a girl swings amid a sublime backdrop. Finally, „Daybreak“ is used to show a sleeping woman awoken by a man and an Alpine White bar.

1986 - Nestle Alpine White - Sweet Dreams Commercial


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