Pyongyang in Pastel (Book)

Model City Pyongyang ist ein Sammelband der Fotografen Cristiano Bianchi, Kristina Drapic, Pico Iyer der die 70s Architektur der Diktatur-Hauptstadt Nordkoreas in Pastelltöne taucht.


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Many ‘model’ cities, both imagined and physical, have existed throughout history; from the ideal cities of the Renaissance, Urbino, Pienza and Ferrara, to modernist utopias, such as Brasília or Chandigarh. North Korea’s Pyongyang, however, is arguably unique. Entirely rebuilt following the Korean War (1950–53), the city was planned and fully implemented to model a single ideological vision – a guide for an entire state. As a result, the urban fabric of Pyongyang displays an extraordinary architectural cohesion and narrative, artfully captured in the pages of this book.


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