Extrem herausforderndes ‚Glow in the Dark‘ Puzzle

Mutmaßlich ein echtes Hardcore-Puzzle. Bei normalen Lichtverhältnissen ist es schlicht weiss, um Dunkeln leuchten die Teile aber.


Das schlimme ist, dass man so vermutlich auch nicht pause machen will wenn es dunkel wird ?

Huh? A jigsaw puzzle with no image? It doesn’t need to, since each piece is a little different. But the real fun with the Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzle from Hell comes when you turn the lights off: the pieces glow in the dark, so you can work on it as if you were dealing with something that is out of this world. Cue spooky music! All you have to do to make it fluorescent is expose it to light for a few minutes.




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