Flora Yin Wong: The Sacrifice

Flora Yin Wong’s neue EP ‚The Sacrifice‘ ist düster anspruchsvoller Drone.


Mag den Sound, passt trotz der eher depressiven Grundstimmung auch auf eine frühwinterliche Couch.

In 2020, a year shaped by stringent COVID-19 restrictions, many of us paused for thought about our collective futures. For First Light Records, this reflection, plus the support of Sound and Music’s Composer-Curator programme, led to the development of Unbuilt Sound, a new series of commissions centred around acoustic ecology; the relationship between listener and environment.

The first iteration of the Unbuilt Sound series sees Flora Yin-Wong retreat to an isolated cabin outside Machynlleth, North Wales, to collect the field recordings that provide the basis for her folklore-inspired album, The Sacrifice.


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