Posthumer SOPHIE Track mit JLin

Footwork Königin JLin hat gemeinsam mit SOPHIE (noch vor ihrem tragischem Ableben) einen Beitrag zum Unsound Festival Sampler Intermission produziert. Hier ist er:


Den ganzen Sampler gibt’s auf Bandcamp als Vinyl, unter Anderen noch mit Beiträgen von Tim Hecker und Ben Frost.

Intermission‘ is the first album ever released by Unsound, comprised of 15 commissioned tracks responding to the pandemic year through sound and music. Meditative, often powerful, affected by periods of anxiety and optimism, this multi-layered album is intended to be more than a compilation. Featuring work by artists connected to Unsound Festival over the years, ‚Intermission‘ includes music and field recordings by some of today’s most exciting electronic and experimental musicians, with a focus on both well known and emerging names. Although it can be experienced on its own, the album intersects with a book of essays, poetry and fiction to create a unique interdisciplinary work joining different opinions, narratives, art forms and genres. Together, the audio and texts comprise a kind of urgent atlas, one mapping innumerable paths through the strange new world in which we find ourselves. The ‚Intermission‘ album is dedicated in memory of SOPHIE.


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