Teeth Synthesizer

Der gute LOVE HULTÉN (ja der mit den stylischen Konsolen) hat einen Synthesizer mit Klapperzahn-Attrappen verbunden.


Vergleichen mit seiner bisherigen Arbeit, fast schon ein klein wenig schräg. Aber selbst die weirdesten Ideen, scheinen bei ihm nicht ohne cooles Design auszukommen. Nices Projekt… 💗

VOC-25 is a conceptual vocal synthesizer based on the Axoloti Core and 25 sets of plastic teeth, each set representing a unique note on the keyboard. The three-part wooden setup echoes the look of a classic desktop computer including monitor, main console and keyboard. RAW vocal audio samples are fed into the main console via USB, creating a personal voice bank. There are two built-in effects, reverb and delay. The Axoloti board inputs MIDI via the 25-key keyboard, but it also outputs MIDI. These signals are converted to DC current via control boards located inside the monitor segment. The custom-built boards direct the „choir“ – 25 individual solenoids, each one connected to a set of hinged teeth. The setup can be used standalone with its built-in speakers, but it also outputs mono in the back, and using external monitors is a good way to reduce mechanical noise.

VOC-25 - A conceptual vocal synthesizer



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