Arca – @@@@@

Holy ? !!! ARCA hat einen 62 minutenlangen neuen Track namens ‚@@@@@‘ veröffentlicht.


Weiss nicht ob ich das gerade verkrafte… bin jedoch schwer entzückt!

In a statement about “@@@@@,” which premiered via her NTS Radio collaboration DIVA EXPERIMENTAL FM, Arca said:

“@@@@@” is a transmission broadcasted into this world from a speculative fictional universe in which the fundamentally analogue format of FM pirate radio remains one of few means to escape authoritarian surveillance powered by a hostage sentience gestated by a post-singularity AI. The host of the show, known as DIVA EXPERIMENTAL lives across multiple bodies in space in virtue of her persecution- in order to kill her, one would first have to find all of her bodies. The bodies that host her carry fetishes for paralinguistics, breaking the fourth wall and nurturing a mutant faith in love in the face of fear. (via pitchfork)


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