George Wylesol: Internet Crusader

Eine Geschichte in der Himmel und Hölle sich über Sex-Chatbots im Internet bekämpfen und nur der dümmst anzunehmende User die Welt retten kann? Ok, bin dabei!


Und wenn der Autor dann auch nich Illustrator ist und seine Story mit Internet-Explorer Sights im retro Style versieht, dann sowieso… ?

Ever have one of those days where you’re talking to a smokin’ hot chick online and she turns out to be a robot working for an evil cult… and that hot chick sends a computer virus masked as dirty pictures… and that computer virus allows Satan to come through everyone’s computers and hypnotise them… but the family computer has parental locks on it so you don’t get the virus… and then God messages you to say you’re the only person on earth who can save human existence? Anyway, that’s the set up for this part art book, part graphic novel and 100% true, deep dive into early internet culture from creator of ‘Ghosts, Etc.’ George Wylesol! “

yo. ur abt to read 1 of the greatest storys ever told. its the story abt how i went on the internet and single handedly saved the world, killed the devil and made friends w god. i call this story Internet Crusader.” – BSKskator191


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